Scottish Apprenticeship Week: Apprentice Q&A

We’re proud to be supporting Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2021 (1-5 March).

Scottish Apprenticeship Week is an annual event arranged by national skills body and careers advice service, Skills Development Scotland. Each year the week brings together businesses, learning providers and apprentices to celebrate the benefits of apprenticeships and encourage others to get involved.

We’ve been catching up with some of our current and time-served apprentices to find out what Score’s Modern Apprenticeship programme means to them.

Kieran, a first year Technical Sales apprentice, told us a little bit about what it’s been like embarking on an apprenticeship during a global pandemic:

Q What has it been like to continue in an apprenticeship during a pandemic? 

A It was a slow process to begin with and It has been a challenge to get to grips with online learning. To help us progress with some of the coursework, we had online tutorials for two days a week. I did feel that there was not a lot of time to get to grips with digital learning as I would have liked, however one-to-one help is there as we need it. It is more challenging when there are a number of people who need support, all at one time. To make sure I stayed on track, I spoke to my friend who is in the previous year’s intake, and he advised me on what to focus on. It’s been great to have his support through this time, especially when we haven’t had the chance to get to know our classmates, as much as we would have done, under normal circumstances.

Q What has been the main challenge for you during the last year? 

A I live rurally and unfortunately that means that my internet connection is not always great. My mentor helped me to get set up with better IT facilities so that I could complete my learning, and following the current guidelines, I have been able to attend the Score offices twice a week to keep up with my coursework.

Q What do you feel you have missed out on this year, if anything?  

A It’s been a different but enjoyable year! I do feel frustrated that everything has been delayed and I am worried about how much time this may add to the end of my course, but I understand that everyone will have these concerns.

Q Provide a brief comment on why you chose an apprenticeship and what you have learnt. 

A I wanted to get on-the-job experience whilst gaining a qualification so I chose a technical sales apprenticeship. I hadn’t realised that I would get some hands-on experience in the workshop too and I have thoroughly enjoyed this aspect and hope to have further opportunities when restrictions lift.

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