Score A/S Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Revision: 04
Effective Date: 23rd May 2018


1.1 In these conditions:-
“Buyer” means Score A/S registered in Norway under number 967 555 282; or any subsidiary company within the group.
 “Conditions” means the General Terms and Conditions of purchase set out in this document and (unless the context otherwise requires) includes any special terms and conditions agreed in writing between the Buyer and the Supplier.
“Consequential Loss” means any loss or anticipated loss of profit, loss or anticipated loss of revenue, business interruption, loss of use of any equipment, loss of any contract or other business opportunity and any other loss of a similar nature.
“Goods” means the items to be provided (including any instalment of the items or any part of them and including documentation as detailed in the Supplier Data Requirements List) in accordance with the Purchase Order.
“Purchase Order” means the contract formed by the acceptance of the Purchase Order document and shall incorporate these conditions of purchase as may be amended by special conditions referred to in the Purchase Order document.
 “Supplier” means the person(s), firm or company named in the Purchase Order and engaged by Score for the supply of Goods and/or execution of Services defined in the Purchase Order and includes the Supplier’s legal personal representatives, successors and assignees.
 “Services” means the services, if any, to be supplied by the Supplier in accordance with the Purchase Order.
 “Specification” includes any plans, drawings, standards, data or other information relating to the Goods or Services.

1.2 The Supplier shall be deemed to have accepted the Purchase Order and its Conditions as soon as it commences to perform any of its obligations hereunder.

1.3 These Conditions shall have precedence over any other conditions appearing on any acceptance form or other document emanating from the Supplier which shall have no effect except to the extent that they confirm the Purchase Order or are expressly agreed in writing by the Buyer.

2.1 The quantity, quality and description of the Goods and the Services shall, subject as provided in these Conditions, be as specified in the Purchase Order and/or in any applicable Specification supplied by the Buyer to the Supplier or agreed in writing by the Buyer.

2.2 Any Specification supplied by the Buyer to the Supplier, or specifically produced by the Supplier for the Buyer, in connection with the Order, together with the copyright, design rights or any other intellectual property rights in the Specification, shall be the exclusive property of the Buyer. The Supplier shall not disclose to any third party or use any such Specification except to the extent it is or becomes public knowledge through no fault of the Supplier, or as required for the purpose of the Purchase Order.

3.1 The price of the Goods and the Services shall be stated in the Purchase Order and be based on the quotation supplied by the supplier as a result of the enquiry from the buyer and, unless otherwise stated, shall be:-

  1. i) exclusive of any applicable value added tax (which shall be payable by the Buyer subject to receipt of a value added tax invoice); and
  2. ii) inclusive of all charges for packaging, packing, materials marking, shipping, carriage, insurance and delivery of the Goods to the delivery address and any duties, imposts or levies other than value added tax.

3.2 All prices specified in the Purchase Order shall be fixed and firm and not subject to escalation for the duration of the Purchase Order.

3.4 If it is possible for the Supplier to offer a more environmentally friendly product as an alternative to any of the items for which the Supplier has been asked to quote, the alternative product should be included as a priced option within the quotation.

3.5 Quotations should include N.D.E. details for components that have had welding operations carried out.

4.1 Unless otherwise stated in the Purchase Order, payment shall be made within 45 days after receipt by the Buyer of a proper invoice.

4.2 The Buyer shall be entitled to set off against the invoice any sums owed to the Buyer by the Supplier.

5.1 The Goods shall be delivered to and the Services shall be performed at the delivery address during the Buyer’s usual business hours.

5.2 Delivery of the goods and services shall be to the named destination on the Purchase Order. The delivery method shall be stated on the Purchase Order in accordance with Incoterms 2010. If a premium delivery charge is included on the Purchase Order, and the delivery date is not met, a standard delivery charge will replace the premium delivery charge.

5.3 Where the date of delivery is to be specified after placing the Purchase Order, the Supplier shall give the Buyer reasonable notice of the specified date.

5.4 A packing note quoting the Purchase Order number must accompany each delivery or consignment of the Goods and must be displayed prominently. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in an administration fee of GBP30.00 per unmarked consignment.

5.5 If the Goods are to be delivered or the Services are to be performed by instalments, the Purchase Order will be treated as a single contract and not several.

5.6 The Buyer shall be entitled to reject any Goods delivered which are not in accordance with the Purchase Order. If it is necessary to return the Goods to the Supplier, then the cost of returning the Goods will be met by the Supplier.

5.7 The Supplier shall supply the Buyer in good time with any instructions, letters of conformity, material certificates or other information required to enable the Buyer to accept delivery of the Goods and/or performance of the Services.

5.8 Inclusion of packing materials should be the minimum necessary to maintain the level of safety, hygiene and acceptance of the packed product in accordance with “The Packaging (Essential Requirement) Regulations 1998” (SI 1998/1165). The Purchase Order number is to be quoted on all packages/documents. If packaging/protection is of a specialised nature, whereby removal would render Goods unsuitable for service, then this should be stipulated by the Supplier.

All supplies (with the exception of electronic media) must fall into one of the following categories:-

(a) Items less than 15kg:
Items must be packed in a cardboard box, with bubble wrap only used for packing. Do not exceed 15kg per box (total weight of contents)

(b) Items exceeding 15kg but less than 1000kg:
i) Items must be packaged on a pallet.
ii) Pallets must be sized 1200mm wide (as you would face the pallet in racking) x 1000mm deep (as it would sit in the racking beams) or sized 2000mm wide x 1200mm deep were applicable or requested.
iii) Pallets must be constructed in accordance with BS 1133 Section 8 or equivalent national standards. 
iv) Pallets must have 3 solid rails to support top boards 95mm high x 50mm wide.
v) Pallets must be sheeted with 20mm boards on top surface with 2 off 50mm x 20mm rails fitted to the underside 120mm in from the front edges of the solid rails.
vi) Palletised items must be secured to the pallet using nylon banding strapped over the load and under the top deck boards of the pallet.
vii) Wedges or blocks must be affixed to the pallet where movement of the load within banding may occur. 
viii) Where the load has a narrow base or feet which may damage the pallet or slip between pallet top decks during transit a wooden board must be affixed to the pallet to provide a solid base. 
ix) Where shrink wrap is used then a minimum amount only must be used and its use must not impede forklift access.
x) Plastic, polystyrene or any kind of chips will not be accepted under any circumstances.

(c) Items exceeding 1000kg:
Goods over 1000kg shall be suitably packaged to support the Goods for floor standing.

5.9 All Score URN tagged goods that require palletised shall be in numerical order in a left to right manner. E.G.160957-0001 to 0050 laid out from left to right in the pallet.
5.10 Any packaging discrepancy shall incur a charge of GBP120.00; discrepancies include use of crates without prior permission from the Buyer. No plastic, polythene or any kind of chips will be accepted under any circumstance.

5.11 The Buyer shall not be obliged to return to the Supplier any packaging or packing materials for the Goods, whether or not any Goods are accepted by the Buyer.

5.12 If the Goods are not delivered or the Services are not performed on the due date, without prejudice to any other remedy, the Buyer shall be entitled to deduct from the price or (if the Buyer has paid the price) to claim from the Supplier by way of liquidated damage for delay, 1% of the contract value for every week’s delay, up to a maximum of 10%.

5.13 Goods with limited shelf life shall have a minimum of 95% of shelf life remaining on the date of delivery to the Buyer and state the cure date and expiry date clearly.

6.1 Risk of damage to or loss of the Goods shall pass to the Buyer upon delivery to the Buyer in accordance with the Order, except in the case of consigned stock to the Buyer’s premises where risk remains with the Supplier until the Purchase Order is raised by the Buyer.

6.2 The property in the Goods shall pass to the Buyer upon delivery, unless payment for the Goods is made prior to delivery, when it shall pass to the Buyer once payment has been made and the Goods have been appropriated to the Purchase Order.

7.1 The Supplier warrants to the Buyer that the Goods will comply with all statutory requirements and regulations relating to the sale of the Goods.

7.2 During a period of 24 months after the time of dispatch or 18 months after installation, (whichever period expires first), the Supplier shall, at his own expense, repair or replace the Goods or Services or any part thereof found to be defective due to faulty design, material, equipment or workmanship (other than design specified in detail by the Buyer) or to any act or omission of the Supplier. If the Supplier is unable or refuses to undertake any re-performance which has been requested by the Buyer, the Buyer shall be entitled (without prejudice to any other rights and remedies it may have under the Purchase Order) to undertake any re-performance itself or to procure a third party to undertake such re-performance and, in either instance, recover all costs (including incidental costs) of such re-performance from the Supplier. For substituted or repaired items the prevailing guarantee will be extended from the date of replacement.

7.3 The Supplier shall indemnify the Buyer against all liability, loss, damages, costs and expenses (including legal expenses) awarded against or incurred or paid by the Buyer as a result of or in connection with:-

  1. i) breach of any warranty given by the Supplier in relation to the Goods or the Services;
  2. ii) any claim that the Goods infringe, or their importation, use or resale infringes the patent, copyright, design right, trademark or other intellectual property rights of any other person, except to the extent that the claim arises from compliance with any Specification supplied by the Buyer;
  3. iii) any liability under the Consumer Protection Act 1987 in respect of the Goods;
  4. iv) any act or omission of the Supplier or its employees, agents or sub-contractors in supplying, delivering or installing the Goods or performing the Services; or
  5. v) any defect in the Goods or Services provided.

7.4 The Supplier shall indemnify the Buyer against all loss or damage to property or liability for injuries (including death) sustained by anyone, including Supplier’s and Buyer’s employees and third parties, arising out of or in connection with the Goods and/or Services covered by the Purchase Order.

7.5 The Supplier shall take out and maintain, with a first class insurance company, insurance adequate to cover its liabilities hereunder and to fulfil any requirements of local government or other appropriate bodies.

7.6 The Buyer shall not be responsible to the Supplier for Consequential Loss. The Supplier shall not be liable to the Buyer for Consequential Loss other than for sums receivable by the Buyer under insurance policies carried by the Supplier.

8.1 Neither the Supplier nor the Buyer shall be liable to the other or be deemed to be in breach of the Purchase Order by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of its obligations in relation to the Goods or Services, if the delay or failure was beyond that party’s reasonable control.

9.1 The Buyer shall be entitled to cancel the Purchase Order in respect of all or part only of the Goods and/or the Services by giving notice to the Supplier at any time in which event the Buyer’s sole liability shall be to pay to the Supplier the price for the Goods or Services in respect of which the Buyer has exercised its right of cancellation, less the Supplier’s net saving of cost arising from cancellation.

9.2 The Buyer shall be entitled to terminate the Purchase Order without liability to the Supplier by giving notice to the Supplier at any time if:-

  1. i) the Supplier fails to comply with any of the terms of the Purchase Order;
  2. ii) the Supplier makes any voluntary arrangement with its creditors (within the meaning of the Insolvency Act 1986) or, being a company, becomes subject to an administration order or goes into liquidation (otherwise than for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction);
  3. iii) an encumbrance takes possession of, or a receiver is appointed to, any of the property or assets of the Supplier;
  4. iv) the Supplier ceases, or threatens to cease, to carry on business; or
  5. v) the Buyer reasonably apprehends that any of the events mentioned above is about to occur in relation to the Supplier and notifies the Supplier accordingly.

10.1 The Supplier acknowledges and accepts that the information contained in the documents provided by the Buyer in connection with the Purchase Order is confidential and shall not be divulged to any third party or to be used for any other purpose than the performance of the Purchase Order without the prior written consent of the Buyer or a Score Director.

11.1 Assignment
11.1.1 The Purchase Order is personal to the Supplier and the Supplier shall not assign or transfer or purport to assign or transfer to any other person any of its rights or sub-contract any of its obligations under the Purchase Order.

11.2 Notices
11.2.1 Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the other in connection with the Purchase Order shall be in writing addressed to that other party at its registered office or principal place of business or such other address as may at the relevant time have been notified pursuant to this provision to the party giving the notice. Such notices shall be deemed effective within 48 hours of despatch.

11.3 Waiver
11.3.1 None of the provisions of the Purchase Order will be considered waived by the Buyer unless such waiver is given in writing by the Buyer. No such waiver shall be a waiver of past or future defaults, breach or modifications of any of the terms, provisions, conditions or covenants of the Purchase Order unless expressly set forth in such waiver.

11.3.2 If any provision of the Conditions of the Purchase Order are held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part the validity of the other provisions of the Purchase Order and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected hereby.

11.4 Resolution of Conflict/Applicable Law
11.4.1 In the event of any dispute arising under or in connection with the Purchase Order or the supply of the Goods or Services then every effort shall be made to resolve and agree such a dispute by discussion between the parties. If, after a maximum period of 2 months, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, there is a failure to reach agreement, the dispute shall be referred to arbitration and final decision in accordance with the provisions of the Norwegian Arbitration Act (Act no. 25/2004) or newer corresponding regulations replacing these. Arbitration proceedings shall take place in Stavanger unless otherwise agreed by the parties. The language of arbitration shall be English.

11.4.2 The Purchase Order shall be governed by and interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of Norway.

11.4.3 Unless otherwise specified, all quotations, contract documents, certification, data and drawings shall be supplied in the English Language.

12.1 The Supplier agrees to fully support the Buyer with any and all technical information required to support the Supplier’s products. This support should cover the complete range of installed equipment and will cover repairs, spares and technical information whether the Goods were purchased as part of the Purchase Order or otherwise.

13.1 The Buyer operates established quality management systems which comply to BS EN ISO 9001. All Goods supplied against the Purchase Order shall be as to allow the Buyer to meet the requirements for product identification and traceability to the source of supply.

13.2 The Supplier shall therefore ensure that its products are correctly identified and that the supporting documentation is provided in accordance with the requirements of the Purchase Order. All documentation affecting the specification of equipment/material on the Purchase Order including British, European and other international standards shall be to the latest issue unless otherwise stated.

13.3 Identification
13.3.1 All Goods supplied against the Purchase Order shall be marked in such a manner as to provide adequate identification to the document number and any manufacturer’s identities, part numbers, cast codes or serial numbers as applicable.

13.4 Certification
13.4.1 Each consignment of Goods supplied against the Purchase Order shall be accompanied by the relevant certification/documentation stipulated by the Purchase Order. This is the minimum certification that is to be consigned with the goods to the designated delivery point.
Late delivery of documents shall incur a penalty charge of 1% of the order value per week, for each week delay up to a maximum of 10% from the quoted delivery date.

13.4.2 Pressure test certification must be dated within six months of anticipated delivery to the Buyer.

13.5 Inspection
13.5.1 Inspection shall be carried out on receipt by the Buyer. Inspection may consist of, but not be limited to:-

  1. i) Visual Inspection;
  2. ii) Marking/Tagging;
  3. iii) Dimensional Inspection; or
  4. iv) Pressure/Function Tests

13.5.2 The Supplier shall not refuse any reasonable request by the Buyer to inspect and test the Goods during manufacture, processing or storage at the premises of the Supplier or any third party prior to dispatch, and the Supplier shall provide the Buyer with all facilities reasonably required for inspection and testing at no cost to the Buyer.

13.5.3 If inspection of the Goods is to be carried out at the Supplier’s premises, the Buyer is to be given a minimum of 48 hours notice of impending inspection points. All technical queries and documentation which require approval are to be routed to the Buyer.

13.5.4 Any request from the Buyer to dispatch Goods on an urgent basis does not supersede the Supplier’s responsibility for ensuring that inspection requirements are met, unless formal notification that inspection is to be waived is provided in writing by the Buyer.

13.5.5 If as a result of inspection or testing the Buyer is not satisfied that the Goods will comply in all respects with the Purchase Order, and the Buyer informs the Supplier within 7 days of inspection or testing, the Supplier shall take such steps as are necessary to ensure compliance. Any such inspection or tests shall not in any way relieve the Supplier from any of its obligations under the Purchase Order from those existing either at common law or by statue.

13.6 Lifting Gear
13.6.1 Where any item supplied incorporates lifting gear of any description, such lifting gear must be marked with a ‘Safe Working Load’, and be accompanied by and traceable to a recognised certificate that must be valid for 6 months from despatch from your works.

14.1 Goods are to comply with the requirements stated on the Purchase Order or referenced data sheets. Score Engineering Specification ES007 Rev 4 applies in the absence of such detail.

14.2 PTFE
14.2.1 USE OF PTFE: PTFE thread tape must not be used on any valves supplied.

14.3 Bolt Torquing
14.3.1 All valves must have bolting for pressure containing and load bearing applications tightened under controlled conditions, to specified preload/torque valves. The practice of Flogging the joints up will not be accepted.
Score may make spot checks on the torque valves used and will, from time to time, check the residual torque valves. Valves may be returned for remediation.

14.4 PSV Spring and Spring Button Identification
14.4.1 The spring must be clearly etched or stamped with the relevant serial no. to allow traceability to its certification. This should be marked on the outside dia. of the last coil of the spring.
Each spring button must also be clearly stamped with the relevant serial no. to allow certification and to show that they are a part of the 3 piece assembly – spring and 2 x spring buttons. This should be marked on the outside dia. of the spring buttons.
The certification for the parts must cross reference to the spring/spring button assembly identification and their intended use.

14.5 Validity
14.5.1 Your Tender shall be open for acceptance for a period of 60 days (90 days for spares) from closing date of enquiry.

14.6 Deviations
14.6.1 Any deviations to specification must be clearly noted in your tender. By not stating any deviations you accept that your product is in full compliance to specification.

14.7 Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)/ Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER)
14.7.1 All products supplied must comply fully with requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), 97/23/EC and the Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER), 1999, No.2001.

14.7.2 All PED/PER compliant pressure equipment supplied, shall be accompanied by either a Declaration of Conformity, or a Statement of Compliance (where Article 3, Paragraph 3 applies), according to its classification under the current legislation.

14.7.3 All CE Marked pressure equipment supplied shall be accompanied by a Declaration of Conformity. The Declaration of Conformity and the equipment shall be clearly marked with the product’s Compliance Category number and the Conformity Assessment Module, applied during the manufacturing process, as well as (with the exception of category 1 equipment) the number of the assessing Notified Body, appointed by the manufacturer.

14.7.4 Where equipment complies with Article 3, Paragraph 3, it shall be accompanied with a Statement of Compliance, confirming that it has been manufactured in accordance with Sound Engineering Practice (S.E.P.). This equipment shall be marked with the letters S.E.P.

14.7.5 Failure to supply in accordance with these stated requirements will result in equipment being rejected on receipt, and all associated costs incurred by Score (Europe) Ltd in rectifying the problem will be back charged to the supplier.

15.1 Where applicable, any hazardous materials/chemicals requested on the Purchase Order shall be clearly identified.
The goods shall be packaged and separately and clearly marked in accordance with UK regulations. A copy of the Health & Safety Hazard datasheet will be presented.
This applied to any materials/chemicals subject to COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 1998).

15.2 If goods are subject to CHIP Regulations and have NOT been previously supplied to Score (Europe) Limited, identify clearly on quotation and provide safety datasheets for evaluation with quotation.
All hazardous substances to be supplied with hazard symbols and classification clearly identified on containers in accordance with CHIP regulations.

16.1 In connection with this Contract, Supplier shall not pay or give, offer to pay or give, promise to pay or give, or authorise the payment or giving of any money, fee, commission, remuneration or other thing of value to or for the benefit of any person, including Government Officials, in order to influence an act or decision of any person or Government Official, or cause any person or Government Official to act or fail to act in violation of his lawful duty, or cause any person or Government Official to influence an act or decision of the government, for the purpose of securing an improper advantage, or in violation of any applicable law, decree, ordinance, rule, regulation or order, including without limitation the UK Bribery Act 2010 and the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and any other anti-corruption laws, applicable to either Party, its Affiliates, its directors, officers, employees, consultants or agents. Supplier shall inform the Purchaser immediately if there has been any request or demand for any unwarranted financial or other type of gain that has been received by the Supplier in connection with this Contract. In the event of a violation of this clause 16, Purchaser shall have the right to terminate this Contract immediately upon written notice to Supplier. This termination right is without prejudice to other remedies which Purchaser may have under this Contract or its governing law.

16.2 Supplier shall require its Affiliates, its subcontractors and its and their respective directors, officers, employees, consultants and agents to comply with the obligations of clause 16 in connection with this Contract.


17.1 Both Parties will comply with all applicable requirements of the Data Protection Legislation. This Clause 17 is in addition to, and does not relieve, remove or replace, a Party’s obligations under the Data Protection Legislation.
17.2 The Data Controller will ensure that all required consents and notices are in place to enable the lawful transfer of Personal Data to the Data Processor for the duration and purposes of the Contract.
17.3 Without prejudice to the generality of this clause, the Data Processor shall, perform its Data Processing obligation under these conditions by processing Personal Data only on the written instructions of the Data Controller unless otherwise required by the laws of any member of the European Union or by the laws of the European Union applicable to the processing of Personal Data (Applicable Laws). When relying on laws of a member of the European Union or European Union law as the basis for processing Personal Data, the Data Processor shall promptly notify the Data Controller of this before performing the processing required by the Applicable Laws unless those Applicable Laws prohibit The Data Processor from so notifying the Data Controller.
17.4 Taking into account the state of the art, the cost of implementation and the nature, scope, context and purposes of Data Processing as well as the risk of carrying likelihood and severity for the rights and freedoms of natural persons, the Data Processor shall have in place appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to that risk.
17.5 The Data Processor shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that access to Personal Data is strictly limited to those individuals who need to know/access it for the purposes of the contract. All personnel who have access to and/or process the Personal Data shall be subject to confidentiality undertakings.
17.6 The Data Processor shall not transfer any Personal Data outside of the European Economic Area unless the prior written consent of the Data Controller has been obtained and the following conditions are fulfilled:
a. the Data Processor has provided appropriate safeguards in relation to the transfer;
b. the Data Subject has enforceable rights and effective legal remedies;
c. the Data Processor complies with its obligations under the Data Protection Legislation by providing an adequate level of protection to any Personal Data that is transferred; and
d. the Data Processor complies with reasonable instructions notified to it in advance by the Data Controller with respect to the processing of the Personal Data;
17.7 The Data Processor shall not appoint any third party processor of Personal Data under this agreement except with the prior written consent of the Data Controller and subject to the follow provisions:
a. The Data Processor shall carry out adequate due diligence to ensure that the Sub processor is capable of providing the level of protection required by these terms; and
b. The agreement between the third party processor and the Data Processor shall governed by a written contract including terms which offer at least the same level of protection as those set out in these terms; and
c. The Data Processor shall remain fully liable for all acts and omissions of any third party processor appointed by it pursuant to this clause.

For the purposes of this clause ‘third party processor’ shall mean any party which is not a member of the Company or Buyer.

17.8 The Data Processor shall assist the Data Controller, at no cost, in responding to any request from a Data Subject and in ensuring compliance with its obligations under the Data Protection Legislation with respect to security, breach notifications, impact assessments and consultations with supervisory authorities or regulators
17.9 Data Processor shall maintain complete and accurate records and information to demonstrate its compliance with this Clause 17. The Supplier shall allow for audits by the Company or the Company’s designated auditor.
17.10 Data Processor shall notify the Data Controller without undue delay on becoming aware of a Personal Data breach
17.11 Each Party (Indemnifying Party) shall be responsible for and shall save, defend and hold harmless the other party (Indemnified Party) from and against all claims, losses, damages, costs (including legal costs) expenses, liabilities, fines, penalties, and sanctions in respect of:
a. Any breach of the Indemnifying Party’s obligations under these conditions or Data Protection Legislation; or
b. Any act or omission relating to the use of Personal Data which is contrary to the instructions of the relevant Data Controller.
17.12 Data Processor shall at the written direction of the Data Controller, delete or return Personal Data and copies thereof to the Data Controller on termination of the agreement unless required by Applicable Law to store the Personal Data.
17.13 The Company may, at any time on not less than 30 days’ notice, revise this Clause 17 by replacing it with any applicable controller to processor standard clauses or similar terms forming part of an applicable certification scheme (which shall apply when replaced by attachment to this agreement)


18.1 All amendments to Purchase Orders must be agreed in writing by both the Supplier and the Buyer


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