Joined the Company: 2018
Employed as: Engineering Trainee
Enjoys: learning and gaining technical knowledge and experience throughout workshops

Tell us about your role at Score and how you got there?

I am currently a graduate apprentice at Score Europe working for sales modifications department and studying through my third year of my degree in engineering at RGU (Robert Gordon University) . I also have a machining experience as I worked in machine shop before the sales department. I was finishing off my HND mechanical engineering at college and decided to apply and start an engineering career through Score.

When you reflect on your career what makes you most proud?

When I reflect on my career, I’m proud that I chose the right path, progressing through my apprenticeship by learning and gaining technical knowledge and experience throughout workshops and at the same time going through my degree in engineering which is also related to my work.

What do you enjoy about working at Score?

I really enjoy working at Score as it is an amazing experience throughout the whole apprenticeship as I will be working through different departments and gaining even more hands-on experience and training. I also enjoy that I have an opportunity to do my degree at RGU during my apprenticeship.

What would you tell someone considering a job or apprenticeship at Score?

I would recommend an apprenticeship to someone who is interested in engineering career as it is amazing experience and training within Score. People working at Score come out as a very experienced and qualified engineers when completing their apprenticeships.

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